Why having The #METOO fashion show?

Raise Awareness through fashion art

Fashion is Art and Art is self expression. The #metoo fashion show is dedicated  to empower women victims and/or survivors of sexual misconduct & youth with the knowledge of signs to look for and ways to report and combat the crime. On Feb 9th, our strong beautiful survivors will be rocking the runway sending a message of empowerment to women and girls who are still living the sexual abuse, the harrassement and are too afraid and ashamed to come out, speak up, stand up. The fashion show will tell the story of  survivors through garments designed to tell their story in order to create an attitude shifts about sexual misconduct that will create life changing perspectives for  women.  

Breaking the Silence

A common occurrence after a woman has endurred sexual trauma is a hesitancy or inability to discuss the incident out loud or verbally. Many women and especially young female adults represses all thoughts and feelings. In fashion art , words are not necessary: our models are moved from the  traditional talk therapy to a process that may be less provocative. This fashion show will allow some model survivors to find some kind of relief  at a comfortable pace. Fashion acts here as  the medium to speak for the survivor and act as a support . Some emotions may be better expressed through art than through verbal language anyway. For some of our models, it is still difficult to put what they feel into words, and expressing themselves through fashion is viewed as a way of sharing their story leading to some healing.

What to expect on Feb 9th?

The #METOO Fashion Show isn't your usual conventional fashion show. Expect  a rich performance art live show that engages the audience. More than  a single dimension presentation showcasing a fashion line, the event  is an  experience with facts about sexual misconduct, models' testimonies, spoken word narration and music. The artistry of the hair, makeup & fashion will portray our sister survivors  and allow the models to walk as a voice for the voiceless.